It is M-Focus primary goal to become the leading systems integrator for manufacturers and distributors in Thailand. M-Focus is committed to providing the highest quality service and solutions for companies engaged in manufacturing, production and distribution of goods and services. M-Focus’s strategy is to provide the best information management solutions and value to support strategic, tactical, and operational excellence for our customers, thus making our customers competitive in their business.


        The M in M-Focus reflects a manufacturing and materials management focus. Since its formation in 1993, M-Focus has provided solutions and developed expertise in MRP II (Manufacturing Resource Planning), ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), APS (Advanced Planning and Scheduling), CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and Logistics Planning Systems. These systems cover the management of manufacturing, financials, sales and customer support, and distribution activities. M-Focus has typically targeted small to medium manufacturing and distribution firms that need fast implementation of manufacturing systems. To date, M-Focus’s customers have included firms in auto-parts, tools, electronics, printing, textiles, cosmetics, medical devices, food, rubber, rice, pharmaceuticals, and consumer goods. M-Focus employs quality people with knowledge and skills in business management, accounting, industrial engineering, computer science, computer engineering, information technology, economics, management science, and operations research.

        M-Focus strives to understand customer requirements and provides customers with the best solutions and services using qualified trainers and implementers. This allows customers to benefit from our extensive experience in implementing a diverse variety of solutions

        M-Focus consultants are industry experts with years of business experience and in-depth knowledge of their particular field of expertise, including Manufacturing, Distribution, Accounting & Finance, Thai Taxation System, Business Intelligence, Logistics Planning and Scheduling, Supply Chain Modeling, Simulation, and Optimization. These skills combine to form powerful and effective software implementation resources. M-Focus provides on-site services for training, implementation and consulting. Our proven methodologies eliminate the trial-and-error method of implementation, ensuring that your solutions are implemented efficiently and in a timely manner. Now with over 20 years of experience, M-Focus implementation consulting team is our core competence that we use to build your company’s implementation success.

        CS is a technical resource for servicing your company when we are not on your site. Available through telephone, fax, e-mail and website, our customer support services ensure that your requests and concerns are effectively communicated to M-Focus. M-Focus provides both normal and emergency services, depending on individual customer’s support program. Normal customer service is provided during regular business hours with a team of full-time officers taking your calls and responding swiftly to your inquiries. The team is supported by a knowledge base, a team of consultants and programmers, as well as access to technical documentation via our software supplier extranets.